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Mistland Roleplaying Thread; Here we go! :D
Topic Started: Dec 16 2013, 07:30 PM (6,467 Views)
Posted Image Avalon the Great
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Dragons are real.

The shock washes over you, slowly. You slowly come back to yourself and notice, as if for the first time, the person in front of you, sitting atop a majestic dragon. You know all about the dragon, naturally. Tale of Dragons has taught you a lot. Of course, until a few seconds ago, you had thought it was all fantasy…
You blink in the sunlight. Not long ago at all, you had been inside, on the computer, hatching your newest rare. So many incredible dragons… could they ALL be as real as the one standing in front of you?
“You can only have one,” says the figure on the dragon’s back. One dragon. That’s all? Online, you have tons. Then again, that’s a game. You’re shaken from your thoughts as the figure speaks again. “Now, come. Hurry! Usually, Mistland is only open to admins, but this is an emergency. We need everyone we can get who knows something about real dragons.”
“Wait,” you say. “I’m going where?” Your mind flashes to all the things you have to do today – (sports practice, work, school, whatever) – but this has got to be important. You don’t know the stranger on the dragon, but come on! Real dragons! Not hesitating any longer, you scramble on board the dragon’s back. No sooner do you have a grip than the rider calls out to their steed and the dragon’s wings lift. It shoots up into the sky as fast as a bullet – and then the world around you disappears.
“First, we need to get you a dragon. I needed to catch mine myself, but since we’ve had such a growth recently, you’ll just get yours from the hatchery that Silver and I built.”
Silver? Meaning… SILVER Silver? The founder of the site? … Oh.
“Wait. Who are YOU then?”
The rider doesn’t answer. It’s so dark, they may not even be there anymore. Suddenly, however, the dragon’s wings stop beating and you’re sitting in broad daylight, in front of the strangest building you’ve ever seen.
“Welcome to the hatchery on Mistland,” says the dragon rider with a slight smile. “Go right on in.” The rider then promptly flies away on their dragon into the sky until you can't see them any more.
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((a lot of new people! Here is Avalon's summary http://w11.zetaboards.com/taleofdragons/single/?p=8247927&t=9856112 It's on page 47, so you might want to read through what happened more recently.))
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