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Mistland Roleplaying Thread; Here we go! :D
Topic Started: Dec 16 2013, 07:30 PM (6,436 Views)
Posted Image Avalon the Great
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Dragons are real.

The shock washes over you, slowly. You slowly come back to yourself and notice, as if for the first time, the person in front of you, sitting atop a majestic dragon. You know all about the dragon, naturally. Tale of Dragons has taught you a lot. Of course, until a few seconds ago, you had thought it was all fantasy…
You blink in the sunlight. Not long ago at all, you had been inside, on the computer, hatching your newest rare. So many incredible dragons… could they ALL be as real as the one standing in front of you?
“You can only have one,” says the figure on the dragon’s back. One dragon. That’s all? Online, you have tons. Then again, that’s a game. You’re shaken from your thoughts as the figure speaks again. “Now, come. Hurry! Usually, Mistland is only open to admins, but this is an emergency. We need everyone we can get who knows something about real dragons.”
“Wait,” you say. “I’m going where?” Your mind flashes to all the things you have to do today – (sports practice, work, school, whatever) – but this has got to be important. You don’t know the stranger on the dragon, but come on! Real dragons! Not hesitating any longer, you scramble on board the dragon’s back. No sooner do you have a grip than the rider calls out to their steed and the dragon’s wings lift. It shoots up into the sky as fast as a bullet – and then the world around you disappears.
“First, we need to get you a dragon. I needed to catch mine myself, but since we’ve had such a growth recently, you’ll just get yours from the hatchery that Silver and I built.”
Silver? Meaning… SILVER Silver? The founder of the site? … Oh.
“Wait. Who are YOU then?”
The rider doesn’t answer. It’s so dark, they may not even be there anymore. Suddenly, however, the dragon’s wings stop beating and you’re sitting in broad daylight, in front of the strangest building you’ve ever seen.
“Welcome to the hatchery on Mistland,” says the dragon rider with a slight smile. “Go right on in.” The rider then promptly flies away on their dragon into the sky until you can't see them any more.
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Doves came back around to noticing everyone when her egg chirped into mind, and then the wobbling and cracking began. It got more and more difficult for Doves to hold onto her egg, so she sat down and placed it in her lap. Not five minutes later a long little creature broke the shell and started pushing it's way out, and Doves helped it out by cracking more of the egg.

There stood on the egg, a well large in respect to lizards, little dragon(about the length of her arm), though it couldn't seem to decide what color to settle on, for it ranged from black to white and every color in between. It chirped happily and hopped onto Dove's shoulder, but then it got tangled up in her hair, much to both the human's and dragon's frustration. "Little one! She thought to her dragon while giggling mentally. Then her dragon started rapid firing images of the blanket. "I want you out of my hair first!" Doves got a firm No, I'm working on it, it reply. So Doves got up and set the egg shell and bag on the floor, then looked down at the cloth covering many items. Just as she was about to pull off the sheet her dragon wiggled onto her shoulder then down her arm, its skin mimicking Doves arm color. "Your silly." Doves thought, then when her dragon grabbed onto the sheet she pulled and lifted, revealing a number of items. Before Doves took it all in she searched her dragon's mind to see if it was hungry or tired, and it wasn't, at least for the time being.

The main item on display seemed to be a staff, The Mystery Staff, but it wasn't strait, and even though it wasn't it would probably be as tall as Doves, if not a couple inches taller. It had a sloping curve, though not so curved that it was useless as a defensive weapon, and a tight spiral at one end in the same direction as the curve. It looked to be made of wood, possible mahogany inlaid with some sort of gem or metal, though Doves didn't think so because of how thin it was. The wood looking part was dark, almost like chocolate in color, while the inlay that intracitly swirled around was the same color as her arm. Doves reached for it, but just before she touched it, the inlay, along with a number of other items, changed to a deep red. Pulling her hand back Doves looked to her dragon, only to find that it too had changed to a deep red. Oh my... She thought as she rubbed the little one's head.

Other items on the table included a set of carving tools and leather case (much like this one http://cdn.dickblick.com/items/333/06/33306-1009-1-3ww-l.jpg but with an inlay in the handle), a set of bags ranging in size and style, from an animal backpack that would fit the little one now to a full sized hiking pack. One of the bags that stood out the most though was long and narrow, more like a belt then a bag. Opening it, Doves found that inside were 20 some empty crystal vials, no more then an inch or two long(roughly 4cm for those people who use the metric system), and less then half an inch(about 1cm) wide, strapped in by little loops along a small bowl. The hiking bag contained what looked to be leather armor, a bull whip(think Indiana Jones) curled up neatly, a braided leather string, a sleeping bag, and a change of cloths. The animal pack contained nothing, though there was runes engraved into the leather, making Doves think it had some sort of magical properties.

Also on the table were four books, in English, on different topics. The first was about how to make healing potions, called The art of Healing, with Potions(Human edition). The next seemed to be just the opposite of the first, called Potions of Defense, Keep those enemies at bay!(Works on Humans, Dragons, and Others alike). The third was exactly like the first, but for dragons. And the fourth was a wood carving book, The Art of Wood Carving with Dragon Friends.

((Bleh! that was long! and I figured I could be support, sense theres a couple of bow and sword users, and only one defense person.))
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(like x10)
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Invi stared at the man for a while, curious about who he was, but got bored and continued to look at her wepons until she was pretty much done inspecting what she had. one insanely over-sized (but awesome) sword, seven daggers, ranging from normal cutting knife size to slightly longer than her arm. she had also gotten some curious gauntlets that looked normal, but were in fact a cross between wolverine claws and assassins creed hidden blades, she figured they were for close combat. she was about to leave when she noticed one last thing. a long, thin, metal stick. again, this was about as long as her arm and was covered in many patterns, particularly a small moon pendant that hung on a chain attached to the end. it was bright red and resembled her necklace, and wrapped around the end was a dragon make from wine red garnet. picking it up she inspected it, and found no use for it in battle, but it did look like.....no.....nooooo....
could it be? did the others have anything like this? did it even work? Invi tapped the sheet that originally covered her set, and watched in awe as it turned from a plain gold colour to a vibrant red and silver. she also felt exhausted. urrrrg....woah.....yeah, it DEFINITELY worked
she turned to riv and avalon.
"heyyyy guyyys.......i found this right at the back of my set and i was wondering if you guys had one two, i mean, look!" Invi pointed to the transformed sheet ad smiled with glee. the gold was seeping back in to it but she didn't care, this revalation was waaay to awesome.

(btw, i actually don't know who Reginald is, been away for a while and....uh...yeah)
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Riku quietly sat down in a corner, watching his little grey sleep. he felt happy and proud of the little dragon. his eyes closed and he leaned back and nearly fell asleep but then little Grey woke and hiss slightly to keep him awake, he blinked. "why do you not let me sleep" he watched as the dragon climbed onto his shoulder again, his other had the tail draped over the side. he grinned.
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((Aww, thanks, Shace! One person out there who appreciates long posts xD If I ever write a book, I'll let you know about it :P

I've been slacking again. Feeling a bit ill, my body's hurting all over. So I've been slacking with the RP. But I'm back and probably will write a looooong post again XD
@Invi: gah I wish I'd mentioned the wolverine claws first XD I kinda had an idea with those as well, but since you got there first I'm going to let you get them. :D))

Riv's attention was ripped away from her bow when she noticed a slight commotion further down the row. It appeared Riku's and Doves' eggs were hatching. At the same time. Talk about brother-sister timing. She watched fondly for a few moments as the little dragons scraped free of the egg shells and instantly climbed around their human partners. It was such a sweet moment.

Just then Riv noticed Reginald standing at the far edge of the upper level. Invi had apparently noticed him too, though she didn't seem to know who he was. He wasn't moving closer to them, though, and Riv was still intent on looking through the rest of her stuff, particularly her armor, so she turned her eyes away from him.

She figured she had about as many things as Invi, and she decided to make a list, just in case. She was just about to figure out how to make that list when she noticed a smaller table behind other things. Obviously she hadn't noticed it before because at the first moment it held things no one would've noticed in between all the awesome weaponry. There was a sturdy backpack, not quite as big as a regular camping one, but bigger than her usual one she had at home. At least it would hold exactly the things she'd need when travelling around.

But the backpack wasn't the only thing. There was a thick notepad with her name inscribed in the thin leather cover and a small dragon figure underneath it. It looked suspiciously like Skully, and that was confirmed when the little Phoenix jumped on top of it. It's tail lashed out towards the inscription, and, to Riv's surprise a flame lashed out and left a mark on the picture. When Riv now looked at it, there was a tiny flame at the top of the picture dragon's tail. She laughed then, hearing how proud Skully apparently was at it's attempt at art, and affectionately patted the little one on the head.

She removed the backpack and the notepad from the table to discover nothing else. The brunette girl was at first a bit disappointed, but something didn't feel quite right. Of course, the bag she was holding was way heavier than a normal empty one would be. She quickly sat down and started inspecting the insides of the bag.

She didn't get far, though. She noticed there were the essential pieces of clothing she would need, and she was happy to see they all had some parts that were colored deep green. She just got a glimpse of a bowl and some cutlery when Invi's question penetrated her mind, mostly because Skully wanted it to be that way.

Riv turned towards Invi to see her waving around some strange metal rod with something red hanging from it. Though she didn't recognize the item she definitely saw what it had done to Invi's sheet, and it just clicked. It had to be a wand, or some kind of an item like that. The fact that she didn't recognize it didn't mean it couldn't be what she thought it was. She had long figured out that everyone's things had an appearance that appealed the most to them. For example, she herself. Her sword looked like something she had imagined whilst reading Eragon. The shield.. well, she hadn't seen or imagined that before, but it still fit her perfectly somehow. Her amazing bow, thanks to her love for elves, looked exactly like something Tolkien would give Thranduil to use. The daggers were obviously from Elektra, and even if she wasn't a fan now, they had been imprinted in her mind from the first time she had been a small kid and seen the movie. There still wasn't anything she could connect to her slightly unhealthy fascination with vampires, but to be fair - those needed no other weapons than their teeth and unnatural strength and speed, and as long as she wasn't going to become one, she wouldn't get those either.

The other part of Invi's question then came to the front of her mind. The other girl had asked if they had something similar. She hadn't seen anything yet, but she also hadn't completely finished taking her inventory. Looking around in the weapons now didn't reveal any wand-like objects, but she hadn't gotten far with her rucksack yet. There could be something in the armor, but she didn't think so.

"Hold on, Invi, let me go through this bag and see if I've got anything in here. If not, then I don't have anything like that. Is that a wand of some sort?" she inquired whilst unpacking the clothes and kitchen supplies she'd seen before. She revealed more bowls and some vials, wrapped carefully in a thin cloth, which made her think of potions for a second. There were two thin books in one of the compartments, one about healing herbs and concoctions, and the other about defensive spells. She frowned. Spells and potions. Now all that was missing was her wand from Pottermore.

She had just finished that sentence when her fingers touched a slim, long box. Barely believing it, she pulled it out of the bag. The box was exactly like something out of Ollivander store. She let her fingers caress the cool exterior of the case, only hearing her heart thump loudly in her chest. She couldn't believe it, even after everything she'd seen already, even after Skully. This had been her biggest dream of all. Getting a wand of her own... no, not just that. Getting THE letter had been even more important. That would've confirmed all her dreams. But the box in her hands was finally a proof, finally there was an actual thing she could see, touch and feel. It felt like time had stopped for her.

She stared at the case, not wanting to open it lest there was some mistake of a sick joke and it was empty. She was afraid to see her biggest dream of all crash and burn. But she wasn't alone. Skully was suddenly right beside her, encouraging her to open it. He wasn't sure what she would find in it either, but he was hoping for the best. And suddenly Riv noticed the pronoun she'd used for Skully. He. Why, she didn't know. The hatchling was just a day old and other than the little wing bumps hadn't shown any other signs of growing or gendering yet. But there was something about that mischievous nature (not that females couldn't be like that, but it was different) and the messages he kept sending that made Riv think as male of the little hatchling. Especially since the voice she'd heard in her head when the Phoenix sent her direct thoughts, was distinctively becoming more male.

Momentarily distracted, she looked at the little hatchling who was staring up at her. A boy. She had a male dragon. That was kind of perfect, actually. He complemented the more rueful side of her, the tomboy in her, and she gave him the calm kindness of a woman. They would be a perfect pair, lethal when need be, and caring at other times. And right now, the little boy was pushing her to open that box.

She took a deep breath, and slowly, oh so slowly slid the cover off. A quiet gasp escaped her lips. There, on top of deep purple satin lay her wand. And when she said her wand, she meant it. It was the wand she had gotten, or rather the one that had chosen her, on Pottermore. She recognized it immediately from the golden gleam of the pear wood. From what she could remember from the Pottermore site pear wood was very resilient, and no dark wizards ever got wands made of pear. That made her happier, even though she was slightly sad that it would be the only piece of lighter wood beside all the ebony-goodness she'd gotten. But that didn't matter now. She picked it up carefully, feeling a sense of lightheartedness and slight whoosing wind when her skin connected to her wand the first time. Some green sparks shot out of the tip, and it was so close to what she had always imagined getting her wand would be like, she laughed out loud like a child. She grabbed the wand more firmly, then placed it onto both of her hands and examined it.

The handle was intricately carved, with shapes that almost resembled fire to Riv. She smiled. It would fit in after all. The rest of the wand was almost straight, except for a few small bumps in the wood. It felt just right beneath her fingers. Skully then came up and sniffed at the wand. He drew back, looking obviously surprised, and the feelings radiating from him were mixed. He was happy to see me so happy, and he was definitely intrigued by the wand, but the biggest confusion in his mind was the core. It was, according to him, Phoenix feather.

Obviously it was. At least on Pottermore, she'd had a pear wand with a phoenix feather core. Now that she thought about how she'd picked the Phoenix dragon as her own, AND had a wand with a phoenix core... it all fit. Skully was still a bit confused, but Riv promised to explain everything about Harry Potter and the fandom to him later, and he sat back down, content for now.

Meanwhile, the girl turned towards the still-waiting Invi. "Apparently I do have a wand after all," she said exitedly, showing her newest find. "It's out of Harry Potter series, I'm not sure from where yours is since I don't recognize it, but maybe you can enlighten me?" she asked, still immensely curious.

((Again. LOOONG. Shace, I hope you like it XD And I really want to have a saddle too, but I figured I'd get that some other way since I don't want to look like copying your idea, or anyone elses, for that matter. =3))
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invi smiled at riv. "is that a pottermore wand? hey, back at home i was on pottermore! in slytherin, i had a wand....maple, supple flexibility....whatever that means....and the core was...uh,oh...." she glanced at the dragon hatchlings. "uh...not unicorn or phoenix...if you get what i mean..." she smiled. despite not reading the books, she was a fan of the lore of the wizarding world, and sought to unlock as many of the hidden documents as possible. "you know, according to pottermore, a maple wand is usually one of the more expensive and sought after, as it marks an adventurer and ambition". invi than realized riv had actually asked her something. "oh, uhh this thing is actually more of a scepter than a wand, and is rather reminiscent of the royal septer of England, if you ask me. it's the same colour, look, it's even got the little jewel holdy thingie at the top, but that's where your meant to hold it from on this one....i think...i mean, theirs no jewel there or anything so...." she thought about it for a while before exclaiming "geez! this things so British you might as well of given me a magic tea bag to go with it!.......oh....did i say that out loud?...."
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(Yay! More Pottermore users! My wand would have gone better with your ensemble, Riv XP! I gave mine a saddle because I'm going to need a lot of practice flying, Quicksilvers are the fastest known species and I have a fear of heights!)

Since no one was really paying attention to that stranger over there, Shace decided she wouldn't either. She was once again about to inspect her saddlebags when Invi discovered the wand and Riv subsequently found hers, "What wood is that made from, Riv? It's very light."

She hastily looked around her display, hoping to find her own wand, or a wand case, or something. Her hatchling chittered, scrambling right along with her in her hunt. That was when she noticed her hatchling had started to grow hair, purple hair from the looks of it. Which meant her hatchling was a girl... Which means she needed to name her...

"Xulca (Zool-ka)," Shace murmured, inspired by the X on her pedestal, which had now changed accordingly. She chittered at her rider, reminding her that she had been looking for something.

When taking her saddle off of the pedestal, she must've knocked the case to the floor and it opened and the wand had rolled out and then she almost stepped on it only noticing the glint of the swirling silver inlays in the ebony wand. It was, by wand standards, rather short, but then again, at 5 feet even herself, so was she. It was fairly firm, but ebony was not a soft, supple wood and was, like most of its wand users, rather unyielding. It had a simple swirling silvery inlay that wrapped from the base to the tip and when held in her hand, let lose a dazzling swirl of silver.

"Yep, I've got a wand too."

(Derp! Hi Invi! Your post wasn't here when I started writing this!)
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((Haha, your wand would've fit my stuff better indeed XD But it's okay, since I don't want any other wand than the one I got on Pottermore. =3
I'm not afraid of heights at all, and I hope my Phoenix will be a good flier xD Which means at some point I should get a saddle if I don't want to injure my legs like Eragon did when he first flew with Saphira XD))

"This is indeed my Pottermore wand, and I was in Slytherin too!" Riv announced happily, and then listened to Invi explain about her Pottermore wand and the scepter she was holding. She laughed at Invi's magic tea bag joke and just then Shace decided to step up to the girls.

"What wood is that made from, Riv? It's very light," she asked curiously. "It's pear, and even though the color doesn't quite match the rest of my things," she pointed at her weapons," it's still my own wand, and I'm not going to give it up for anything else. It's slightly yielding, just like on Pottermore, and has a Phoenix feather core, which is kinda perfect," she finished, smiling at her small Skull Phoenix who was sniffing the wand once again.

Shace returned to her own case, searching for a wand as well, and Riv noticed the little Quicksilver had grown some hair. Looks like it was a little girl, and Shace confirmed it a second later by giving it a strange-sounding name. Riv still needed to give her little Skull boy a proper name as well, but she still hadn't figured it out yet. But these things come with time, and every name that had popped into her mind for now were firmly pushed away by Skully. So until she found a name that she and Skully both liked, she was going to call him Skully.

Just as Riv was about to start writing a list of all her stuff, he heard Shace's: "Yep, I've got a wand too," and turned to see the dark ebony wand with a beautiful silver swirl coming out of it's tip. She figured the wand would've looked much better with her ensemble, but ebony wasn't quite her wood when it came to wands. It did indeed fit her personality almost to the point, but she was more breezy and oftentimes forgot what she had intended to do in the first place. Pear suited her better.

Turning back to her notepad she put the pen to paper and started writing:

- An Eragon sword with sheath
deep blue pommel with emerald, silver blade
sheath black with green and blue markings
- A shield, flame-shaped
ebony, strengthened black metal and green leather straps
blue markings
- A pair of Elektra Sai Daggers
silver, black leather handles, two tiny emeralds in silver
- Ten pairs of throwing knives, different sizes
black leather handles, silver blades
- A bow, elven-made, with quiver and few dozen arrows
magical ebony wood (glowing), green markings, silver string
quiver black with green and blue markings
arrows black, with black swan feathers
- A wand, Potter(more)
pear, with flame carvings in handle, phoenix feather core
- A backpack
dark green leather, many compartments
- A notepad and pens
thin dark leather cover with inscription
3 normal pens
- Different pieces of clothing
2 pairs of gloves, dark green
A pair of pants, leather and soft wool, black and dark green
A simple T-shirt, dark green
A jacket, black leather with dark green markings
3 pairs of socks, black
3 sets of underwear (lingerie), black and dark green
- Cooking supplies
2 bowls, different sizes, silver (?)
A fork and a spoon, silver (?)
3 knives, different sizes, silver (?)
A cutting block, ebony
A tiny pan, black
- 10 vials, for potions (?)
- 2 books
"Healing Herbs And Concoctions"
"Defensive Spells For The Reckless"
- Body armor ((I was going to list every part of the armor, but then I realized it would take too much time to find all the pictures, and I found one that is perfect armor for me after a while of scrolling, so this is basically what my armor would look like, just imagine green flames on most parts, and tiny emerald encrusted in knuckles and such. Oh, and mine is also not all black leather, but has black reinforced steel plates for extra protection in large parts, like the upper body or the gauntlets etc - http://media.tumblr.com/be05891229a0a6ee87d288733d0f82df/tumblr_inline_miivla8l9j1rnvs0g.jpg))
Black leather, black reinforced steel platings/scales/strips, green flame markings, tiny emeralds encrusted everywhere

Finally, she was done. She hadn't had a chance of looking at her armor fully before, but now she spent some time with it. Even without putting it on she could tell from it's light feel that it wasn't heavy armor. Since most of it was leather and only the most important parts were covered with steel for protection, it left her extremely agile and was easy to wear. It also looked like a dark elf archer armor, which again fit perfectly with her bow, and made her want to try the whole thing on right then and there. Where she would actually need it though... that left a big question mark in her mind.
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Riku got up and took his items, strapping on his weapons and putting on his kimono then putting his katana where it should be. he goes outside, his little grey on his shoulder. he glanced around and went for a walk. Riku was being very quiet and felt his dragon softly breath on his head. he grinned and continued to walk, looking around and sees no one had followed him so he sat near the river, watching the water flow by.
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invi, with her new found gifts, walked back to where she had been sleeping previously. going through a few doors she came to a beautiful balcony, covered in what looked to be a cross between a cactus and a grape vine. the fruit that grew out of the bright pink flowers were a pail green, and she was unsure if they were edible or not, but terry quickly told her they were if fact quite lovely. and so, invi stood there in the fading light of the afternoon, plucking the pail green fruit (that tasted like cactus ice cream) of the vines. this was when a sudden feeling of panic washed over her. she was getting messages from terry. 'don't move, don't even react'. and than, from the corner of her eye she saw it. a pail, youthful girl with silvery white hair and a small creature perched on her shoulder. the creature stirred and opened its eyes, which were icy blue and seemingly smoked. but it wasn't a dragon....no....it was covered in sharp quills and made hissing sounds when it moved, sort of insect like in appearance. the girl sneaked closer and drew out a bow, long, thin and made of some sort of black metal or plastic, it was hard to tell. upon the bow, lights flashed on and off.the girl lined up a head-shot. if invi got hit with that.... she panicked. looking over the balcony, she saw the floor's balcony below had a part roof, large enough to jump on to. no hesitation, she lept over the railing and down on to the next floor, stumbling as she landed. terry followed her and quickly they were in, near the museum bit where the others were. invi slammed the door shut and locked it. just as she had done so, a large black blade penetrated the wood on the door. invi ran to find the others, yelling "GET INSIDE, LOCK THE DOORS!!!"
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